My Writing Essentials

downloadThe writing process can be lonely, introspective and at times down-right strange. We all have our quirks, those weird little tricks that help us scoop words from our heads and dump them on the page with the hope they will resemble something near readable material. If you can’t write properly without the right music or a special pen or being in a specific place, yeah I’m talking about you. About us. Outside of pen preference, here are my special writing essentials I just can’t live without.Read More »

Re-evaluating Your Protagonist: Overshadowed by Supporting Characters


Creating a supporting character is like baking. The measurements have to be perfect. You need just the right amount of unique personality coupled with plot relevance. Being off by just a teaspoon can leave you with a character too dynamic or too weak to perform their duties correctly. I added just a touch too much yeast to one of the supporting characters in my novel. Her original purpose was to lay the foundation for my protagonist’s flaw of being too meek. I created her with a loud and over-the-top personality on purpose but somewhere in the writing process, this intriguing character began to overshadow the lead.Read More »