About the Girl

IMG_20160127_172238_kindlephoto-37095375My name is Kanyla (think of the y as a long i) and I am a writer, freelancer, mom and a host of other things depending on the day, time and position of the moon. I started this blog to share my experiences as an unpublished writer on a journey to becoming a novelist. I am a recent graduate, YAY! I have a BA in Creative Writing and there may be plans to apply to an MFA program.

I write fiction and most of my work is either paranormal or fantasy. However, I write short stories of different genres to strengthen my technique. My current writer’s life consists of working on a novel, submitting shorter works for consideration and building my portfolio.

To write good fiction, you must read good fiction. Words I take to the heart so, I hope you enjoy the reviews of books I tick off of my entertaining farrago of a book list.

If you would like to contact me do so at kwilson 8 2 8 (at) hotmail (dot) com


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