Random Thoughts #1: The Nothing

The Nothing

A string of thoughts I can’t quite remember, lead me to research dark matter and dark energy last night. NASA hasn’t been able to come up with an explanation of the endless black that surrounds us. The Nothing. They know more about what it isn’t than what it is. This interminable space of unknown potential. The concept weighs on me. Maybe it has sparked that basic fear of the unknown inside me and now it’s stuck in the same muck that slows your escape from your fears in nightmares.
While exploring these concepts I realized, the loose use of the English language in mainstream American society really sucks sometimes. We over use words like nothing and infinite so recklessly and over dramatize things unworthy of the adjectives. The concept of true infinity and nothingness swallows you and chides us for our idea of importance. Our lives on Earth and everything we are only accounts for less than five percent of everything that is. Every aspect of our reality measures up so insignificantly and almost in protest we have crammed our five percent with so much reality we struggle under the weight of our own efforts.
Humans have a need to put purpose to everything. We expect things to be governed by the same emotion and intent we use to determine our own action. I am not immune. So, when I describe the “between” of all of the actions on Earth as love I am projecting my humanity on to all the objects, organisms, and energy forming our reality. The “between” is the reason, the why of our actions. In my reality that between is the why I nurture my children or work for means to survive. Love drives our actions. I believe this why is equal to the unseen rhythm that balances ecosystems or the pursuit of a predator chasing gazelles for nourishment. Some call it basic instinct, some personify it and call it Mother Nature and some call it love. Whatever it is, it’s the exact opposite and replica of the Nothing of dark energy and dark matter.
We have no other choice but to view life as a contrast to the dark. Our lives are played out in the light. Our lives are set to begin and end with the light. (The light. Our five percent of the Nothingness validates the singular determiner like our light is the only and not one of the countless suns shining on other planets all over the universe.) Our planet teams with life gifted by our sun and stares at the barren vast darkness at night. After the sun, which is over 90 million miles away, the closest star to us is Proxima Centauri. It would take seventy-three thousand years to reach it. Maybe across all that space, there is a planet like earth full of people looking at our Sun like a twinkling speck in their night sky and wondering if there is someone staring back. No matter if there is, here in our solar system as we know it there is Nothing, only us, a source of light and a collection deserted planets assembled to make us feel not so alone.
Just as that Nothing, is isolating and empty it is at the same time full of potential just like an empty, blue, Earth sky has the potential to showcase clouds and screeching birds. We sprang out of this nothing so it has the potential to create life that continuously compounds reality over and over until we are civilizations living on top of the remains of civilizations before us.

Source: http://science.nasa.gov/astrophysics/focus-areas/what-is-dark-energy/


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