My First Blog Challenge! #atozchallenge

A2Z-BADGE 2016-smaller_zpslstazvibI never intended to be a blogger. It took me a while to understand how essential blogging would be as I continue to grow as a writer. In the final semesters of my creative writing program, when I mentioned I didn’t blog people tended to look at me like I had two heads growing out of my neck. After starting The Girl Who Wrote it All Down, I began to see the light.  Blogging is life. Better yet, blogging is write life. So, I’ve decided to participate in the Blogging From A to Z Challenge.Read More »


Set Backs and Plan Bs

iStock_000031424458_Large.jpgMy work-in-progress just suffered a massive blow and I’m back to the drawing board, two seconds away from scrapping the entire thing and starting all over. The book I’m currently reading has the exact. Same. Plot. As. Mine. Well, not the exact same. I’m being dramatic but there are a rather significant amount of similarities. Apparently there are imagination doppelgangers. Here’s the toughest part, I don’t like the book. I can’t even finish it. The story just isn’t the same from this side, the reader side. Dislike of the book and the “it’s been done” discourage took some of the wind out of my sails. I have a backup plan but it will require a ton of rewrites. I’m facing some serious hard work, well, harder work.Read More »

Short Story: The Loudest Death

The Loudest DeathThe Loudest Death

Kanyla Wilson

It was quiet in the ER. The kind of quiet doctors and nurses knew not mention because their words would surely trigger a twenty car pile-up on the Dan Ryan expressway. Dr. Dana Hunter stared at the near-empty waiting room. Their only patient was a man in his mid-seventies complaining of a ringing in his ears.

“He says it’s been ringing for a couple days and it’s getting louder. He says it so much now I think I can hear it too.” His wife told her shaking her head.

Dana checked his ears and the man said apologetically,

“Well, I guess it’s not so bothersome. I suppose it will pass, I don’t want to complain.”

His wife moved over and patted his hand. Dana told him it was no trouble and smiled at him and his wife. They had what she wanted. Someone to grow old with who can love you even when you drive them crazy. Dana’s dating life consisted of strangely disconnected texts and online dating. She wanted the intimacy wi-fi couldn’t offer. She ordered a blockage removal for both ears and explained a little about changes with hearing as you age.Read More »

Flash Fiction: Boomerang


Kanyla Wilson

Logan was warned about his fate but nothing could prepare him for the jarring experience of watching his life in reverse. His father attempted to explain but had no words suitable for summing up their family’s unique affliction. As his thirty-fifth birthday approached the knots in his stomach grew so large he felt pregnant with worry, but there was nothing he could do to avoid the inevitable. The day after his thirty-fifth birthday, he would wake up and begin his life in reverse. The day after his birthday would be a repeat of the day before. He would relive every day of his thirty-five years in reverse until he reached the day of his birth. Then, he would experience every day in the correct order until he reached the thirty-fifth birthday again. Logan would remain a thirty-five-year-old man, watching every day of his life so far as a voyeur with nothing more to do than analyze all he saw like a sports commentator watching game footage.Read More »

Random Thoughts #1: The Nothing

The Nothing

A string of thoughts I can’t quite remember, lead me to research dark matter and dark energy last night. NASA hasn’t been able to come up with an explanation of the endless black that surrounds us. The Nothing. They know more about what it isn’t than what it is. This interminable space of unknown potential. The concept weighs on me. Maybe it has sparked that basic fear of the unknown inside me and now it’s stuck in the same muck that slows your escape from your fears in nightmares.Read More »

Outlining: Your Novel’s Skeletal System

5323e_dancing_skeleton“Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones.”

Some writers outline, some don’t. It’s all a matter of personal preference and what fits best with your writing process. Although I would love to be able to plunge into a novel with no structure, outlining my plot from beginning to end reins in my imagination and keeps me on track. I like to think of them as bare bones, ready for the fleshy meat, veins, and tissue that together form a complete story. Carnal, right? Well, when you think of the story as a living breathing organism it all makes sense.Read More »